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“Safe in the knowledge”

Hennessy and Associate’s Health & Safety service will help you to better understand and manage your extensive responsibilities to your residents, employees and visitors.

The idea of a serious accident in your nursing home could prove to be catastrophic. Apart from the unwanted attention of HIQA, The HSA and others, the matter could be published and could do untold damage to your good name.



We will conduct an Audit of the way you manage Safety, Health and Welfare in your nursing home and this  audit will be conducted by qualified Health & Safety  consultant with experience of the Irish Nursing Home industry. The audit will identify areas of non-compliance with legal requirements. You will receive a report  setting out the problems and we will assist you in rectifying these difficulties.

In addition our trained and qualified advisors will carry out a full Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment in your nursing home. This will involve the identification of all possible hazards and the assessment will be carried out by qualified personnel with extensive experience of the nursing home industry. It is essential that those carrying out such assessments understand the unique and exceptional characteristics of a nursing home and the  people who reside there.


glassesA Safety Statement will be created. The Statement  is designed to be user friendly and will set out in clear terms the Hazard, the Risk and the Control Measure, or action to be taken to eliminate or reduce the risks. We will provide all of the necessary training for your staff to ensure that they  fully understand and comply with the statement’s requirements.

In addition to the Safety Statement we will provide you with a set of Policies and Procedures which have a relevance to Health and Safety. This include, for example, P&Ps on Infection Control, Falls Prevention, Bullying, Fire Management and many more. If you need a specific P&P, we will write it for you.

Regular Independent Audits will be conducted as part of the Bundle programme. Where problems are identified during the audit, these, along with a solution will be brought to the attention of the management. This will ensure the continued safety and welfare of your residents, staff and visitors. As with all our Health & Safety work, the audit will be carried out by trained staff with experience in the nursing home industry.

Training will be fully and completely focused specifically on nursing home issues and not on generic topics which may be completely irrelevant to the activities in a nursing home.  Training will be delivered only by experienced trainers who have an extensive background in the Irish care home industry. This regular training is provided at no extra cost to you.

helplineOur Help Line, along with our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be available at all times to deal with any problems which may occur and will give you the professional advice to ensure the best outcomes for you, your residents and your staff.

Our extensive and in-depth understanding of the nursing home business will ensure that our service is fully focused on your specific requirements and not on generic risk assessments  and off the shelf documentation.

We will be there for you whenever, whatever.